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Sacral Warrior Podcast

Apr 14, 2022

You are stuck in the creative process - too many ideas! The concept behind it is simple: if you want to get unstuck from the creative mud, you have to see your current state, to understand what’s missing.

What you should do if you keep on thinking about an idea that plays around you all the time. Should you stop and turn around and see what might be there for you? Check out what I have to share about this...

Here are the things I discuss in the episode:

  • Are your ideas even yours?
  • How does conditioning impact our creative process?
  • What are the signs that your soul is speaking to you?
  • Can you use human design as a diagnostic tool?
  • How does your creative process work as a generator?
  • One of the major issues in the generator decision-making process 
  • And much more!


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