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Sacral Warrior Podcast

Jul 23, 2021

As Generators & MG’s it’s been said we are the great “quitters.” There is a difference between quitting and being complete – and a lot of it stems from how you’re using your sacral energy and the beginning of the cycle.

In this episode I share:

-A few stories from my personal and professional experience to help you understand and recognize when you may be complete with something (or someone)

-5 lessons on how to tell when you’re complete

-A quick self-assessment to know where you are in the process

-pro-tips for non-sacral types to support the generators/MG’s in your life (and yourself) in the completion process

-tools and trainings to help you activate your sacral potency and get clarity on your next steps 


Link for the $9 Sacral Warrior Activation program:


Link for the Sacred Response workshop mentioned at end:

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