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Sacral Warrior Podcast

Aug 18, 2021

There are so many interesting things to talk about when it comes to your Sacral Center, but in today’s episode, I'll be teaching you how you can manage your energy, regardless of what type you are.  

Since the Sacral Center is different from other centers on body graphs, I'll be sharing with you the biological correlation and many more things that will give you a better understanding of your power.

So if you’re looking to radically transform your life, relationships, and work, then this episode is just for you! 


In this episode I share:

  • Biological correlation of the sacral center
  • Sacral themes that impact your life
  • 3 ways the sacral center is different from the other centers in the body graph
  • Sacral response versus making it happen with the mind 
  • Tips for the non-sacral types to recognize when you’re taking in and amplifying sacral energy


Tools mentioned in this episode:

- Sacral Warrior Activation:

- Creating Safer Space Course:

- Visit my website:

The Sacral Warrior Intensive starts Sept 23rd!

Learn more here: